True Capital!


The sacrifice of the life of Jesus Christ on Calvary’s cross is God’s capital payment for the salvation of your soul.
Just as you need capital to start a NEW business, so God paid for the capital of A NEW LIFE on earth for you through the sacrifice of the life of His only Son to buy you out of satan’s slave market of sin and deprivation.
For (in Adam) all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God – Romans 3:23.
Jesus came to give us a life of super abundance – John 10:10.

Dear friend, I implore you to accept this great and precious gift of salvation by calling upon Jesus just like blind Bartimaeaus did, and He will surely save you, wash the stain of sin out of your life with His Precious Blood and make you a new creation this instant.
You will then receive POWER TO BECOME a child of God – John 1:12 – and start living the victorious NEW LIFE, which is actually your TRUE PURPOSE on this earth.